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Mosquito Trap
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UOS: 1
The Green Protect Mosquito Trap protects the home and garden from nuisance mosquitoes and midges, without the use of insecticide. Replacement glue screens are available to purchase separately to allow the original trap to be re-used.



• Effective against many specifies including yellow fever mosquitoes, Asian tiger mosquitoes and marsh mosquitoes
• Designed for use in the home and garden
• Features dual layered glue screen to disrupt the mosquito life cycle
• Up to 80% capture rate within an indoor testing site in 48 hours
• Reusable and portable
• User friendly, just add water
• Insecticide free
• Each refill is effective until the screen is full, approx. 150 insects
• Trap, refill and packaging can be recycled
• Contains 1 trap and 2 refills
• Dimensions (mm): 205 (H) x 110 (W) x 110 (D)
• EAN: 5060525031380

Instruction sheet

* within an indoor testing site in 48 hours


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